Our Cozumo® Connect Hub fields data at the point of purchase, sends it instantly to our secure Cozumo® Connect Cloud for analysis, provides real-time data to inform targeted offers, and measures and learns from their effectiveness – all trackable and manageable in real-time.


Cozumo® Connect Hub plugs in between existing scanner and POS.


Cozumo® Connect Cloud captures data in real-time.


Shopper receives offers on their smartphone.

Retailers view data and insights, and manage offers on a dashboard.


Plug just about any scanner into the Connect Hub, and after a few minutes of configuration, it's ready to transmit data to the Connect Cloud. There are no changes to the existing POS software or drivers, as the device works with the existing infrastructure.

Once scanned, the data goes to Connect Cloud, where it's then instantly integrated into the Cozumo dashboard. Analysis begins immediately, and a retailer can log in to their account at any time to see their store information in real time. When SKU/price and POS offer codes are uploaded, the retailer can see item-by-item, basket-by-basket, and redemption-by-offer what is happening with each transaction – and suggestions on offers. Basic content management allows for QR creation, branding, and terms and conditions.

Data Delivery
Like Never Before

Small Investment,
Big Dividends

Cozumo Connect Solution gives retailers a cost-effective way to implement big data analytics and offer generation; capabilities that previously meant significant expenditure and complicated installations. Now, retailers, no matter their size, can acquire, analyze and act on purchase and redemption data, enabling them to engage with their customers like never before.